Friday, April 2, 2010

Monte Valinis

This was a surprise ride. I planned to climb up the Val d'Arzino to Selle Chianzutan, then descend to Tolmezzo, return along the Tagliamento River to Pinzano. But the previsione from was overly optimistic- after Sequals it started raining. So I turned toward Travesio, but when I saw the heavy clouds and rain above Clauzetto, I had to change plans again. I headed to Meduno, and on the spur of the moment headed up toward Forchia Meduno, 630 meters . It's pretty steep at first (10-12%) but settles down to 8-9% after awhile. The scenery is fantastic- fir trees, beech trees, karst rock formations, and beautiful panoramas in all directions. At the forchia I decided to try going to the parapendio jump-off point. The road was easy through the forest to Forchia Piccola, then turns upward, a steady 10% for a couple km, then onward at 8%. At Forchia Tamer (940 meters) the asfalto ends, but I continued up the gravel road a few hundred more meters to the end of the road on Monte Valinis, at 986 meters. Wonderful fast decent and then fast all the way home (must have been a tailwind). I want to do this climb again.

Frisanco from Borgo Bianco

Fiume Meduna

Fiume Meduna and Magredi in the distance

Monte Raut from Monte Valinis

Cavasso Nuovo foreground,
Torrenti Colvera and Cellina behind

Magredi di Fiume Meduna

Colline di Sequals foreground,
Fiume Tagliamento, background left


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