Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Val Resia

It's been 5 years since I climbed Val Resia and I really have no excuse.  Maybe I was too busy trying to find new climbs instead of treasuring the wonderful ones we have right here in Friuli.  The road turns off from the Alpe Adria bike trail in the town of Resiutta. You ride alongside  Torrente Resia for quite awhile, eventually climbing high above it.  Before long you reach Stolvizza, then dive down through a stack of switchbacks to a river crossing, and then begins the main event: 4.5 km averaging over 11%. It's hard but they've paved the road better since I was last here, so less tendency for wheel slippage.  You still get a bit from fallen leaves but it's manageable.  At the end starts a walkway of riverstones embedded in cement, which I elected to skip.  Eventually I'll get up here on MTB.  While I rested a buck was bellowing to attract mates, a wild sound perfectly suited to this spectacular forest.
I'll be back before another 5 years next time.      

Torrente Resia

Beautiful panorama near Coritis

I was too knackered to climb up the riverocks

Gorgeous autumn colors

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