Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Monte Ciastelat-Pala Fontana Hike

A little cross-training today, trekking in the mountains above our village instead of pedaling.  I hiked from Pian delle More up through rocky Casera Dietro Ciastelat to Monte Ciastelat at 1641 meters.  This is a rocky knob with 360 degree views.     

Unlike my previous visit I decided to try going along the rim trail to Pala Fontana (1637 meters).  Great views along the ridgeline straight down to Giais where we live.  Descending from Pala Fontana  down to Forcella di Giais (1442 meters) was the trickest part because of the downhill steepness.  I used my trekking poles almost like crutches to keep my knees from hurting.  I was glad it worked. 

After the forcella it's flatter and you can make up time.  Beautiful hike on an unusually warm October day  Can't wait to go snowshoeing up here in a few months.

View north

Monte Ressetum to northeast

Torrente Cellina


Pala Fontana from the east

Stone circle livestock pastures at
Casera Dietro Castelat  

Note: the Garmin Oregon recorded 300 meters low today, so please ignore the altimetria figures.

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