Friday, October 13, 2017


Haven't been up here above San Martino in Alpago for 5 or 6 years.  In the past I went through here going to or from the long traverse to La Carota on the southeast flank of Monte Dolado.  Today though I wanted to explore the road above San Martino,which I'd summarily dismissed as too steep previously.  Well, it is steep but the views are so pretty the suffering is worthwhile.  The road to Degnona bears right while the road left heads toward La Carota.  

I meandered upward on this torturous path several hundred meters before my first stop, and after a rest I restarted, wobbled a ways and stopped again.  Three or four more times.  Finally pavement ended around 1100 meters so I could get off for good and take pictures.  Really wonderful climb.  I'll try not to neglect it so long next time.     

End of pavement at 1100 meters 

Monte Teverone, 2328 meters

Autumn foliage 

Pretty mountain house with Monte Dolado in background

Climb from Chies d'Alpago

The killer above San Martino.
Garmin says max 16%; I say 20.

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