Thursday, October 19, 2017

Castello di Montereale MTB

Another day of cross-training, this time on the MTB.  I rode to Montereale and just before the cemetery turned left onto the switchbacks up to the overlook at Diga di Ravedis.  From there I mostly pushed the bike up to the castello.m  Walked around and shot some pictures, then headed down toward the west.  Eventually I crossed over the top of the tunnel above Montereale, pushed up another steep stretch, then started riding to the junction with road toward Osservatorio Astronomico, then turned downhill toward Montereale.  This is a great short ride, and when I get acclimated to the MTB again I'll be able to ride more of it.  

Diga di Ravedis overlook

Colorful trees at castello

Lago di Ravedis from castello

Ruins with Monte Fara and Monte Raut backdrop

Trees with Monte Jouf backdrop

Ruins above the lake

Cannonball exit wound (?)  above Torrente Cellina

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