Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Cascata di Pradeldon

Fadaia's first wintery ride, through Toppo and Celante to Pradeldon.  I stopped to photograph the waterfalls then continued to Forgaria and Cornetto.  Here I explored the cliffside road some more before turning toward Pinzano and home.  The Ultegra di2 funtioned perfectly following my first derailleur adjustment using Shimano E Tube software with laptap.  Pretty easy to use.

Upper waterfall

The tallest cascade

The tunnel to Pradeldon

E Tube connection

Derailleur adjustment screen

Thursday, November 24, 2016

San Pietro di Feletto

Thanksgiving ride in one of the prettiest places I know: the prosecco hills above Conegliano.  Rode from Vittorio Veneto to San Pancrazio, a church on the ridge line near San Giovanni.  A long downhill to Bagnolo then up to San Pietro di Feletto.  Here you descend some of the sweetest tornanti anywhere, so gentle you hardly need to brake.  Up through Corbanese and rolling down to Cozzuolo and Vittorio Veneto.  Riding this route will definitely make you give thanks.

Northwest from San Pancrazio 

San Pancrazio and campanile

The view to northeast

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Monte Ragogna

The rain stopped and I rode to Monte Ragogna on the banks of the Tagliamento.  I ascended from the south, which is the gentler approach but still plenty steep.  After descending and crosing the Tagliamento at Cornino I was surprised to see a very steep concrete ramp through the forest to the upper fraction of Cornino.  Hard to keep the rear wheel from spinning on the wet leaves and muck but I made it.  From here a cliffside road takes you to Forgaria.  Beautiful ride. 

Tagliamento looking north from Ragogna bridge

South toward the Adriatico

Ragogna castello

Castello from higher up

Chiesetta San Giovanni  

Statue near cemetery

Monte Ragogna from Cornino bridge

Waterfall on climb to upper Cornino

Torrente Arzino at Fagogna bridge

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Rain day

A couple of months ago I installed an 11-32 cassette on my Viner Maxima and have been riding it without any problems.  But a couple of times I've unintentionally shifted into the 50-32 gear, which jams up the short chain I've been running.  So far I've been lucky and not sheared anything off  but I'd hate to damage this wonderful frame.  So in today's rainy doldrums I experimented first with a too-long chain (worse), then with a Campy Potenza medium cage derailleur (very flimsy-feeling) and finally by dialing in the chain length with some KMC Missing Links.  I tried one length, took out a link, tried again, took out another link till I finally got the best compromise.  Now if I absent-mindedly shift into big-big gear no carbon frame destruction.  

Not pretty, but better than the consequences

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Navarons - Forra Colvera

Sun popped out so I took my Legend Fedaia for a spin.  Wanted to checkout how she felt with 28mm tires (again) and an 11-32 cassette.  Also finally replaced front disc pads, which never seemed right since the fluid all leaked out on them in Slovenia.   Solid now.

Anyway this ride is a local favorite, though usually I ride it clockwise.  Seemed all new going the opposite way.

Monte Ciaurlec from Navarons

Frane (landslip) closed the road to traffic  

Monte Raut toward northwest

Monte Raut and Rodolino

Forra della Colvera suncatcher.
Note the lovely new steel handrails,
 which continue for 1.5 km along
the forra until the end of second tunnel

Surprise!  A bike/pedestrian overpass!  No more jumping
off your bike, running across the road dodging cars

The overpass joins palestra di roccia road
just before the second tunnel

32 tooth cog for my decrepit legs

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Monte Cesen

An Autumn classic: colorful foliage, chestnut and mushroom gatherers roaming the forest, clear, cool, crisp air.  I rode from Vittorio Veneto to Valdobbiadene along the Strada del Prosecco.  At the piazza in Valdobbiadene I headed up the climb to Pianezze, a ski area awaiting first snow.  I continued briefly up the road toward Refugio Mariech but cold dense clouds were already enshrouding the summit, and I was already bone tired, so I turned around.  

Back at Pianezze I headed across the traverse to Budui, where the beautiful descent via Madean to Combai begins.  That was fun.  The remaining ride to Vittorio Veneto was lovely and I arrived very fatigued.  Good workout. 

Combai castagne gatherers, their bikes
laden with gunny sacks full of chestnuts

Steep grassy meadows above Pianezze

Landscape descending toward Segusino and the Piave

Gorgeous views along the traverse to Budui

The climb to Pianezze