Friday, December 16, 2016

Troi dei Mui

Today's ride is also a hike.  I had previously attempted it from the opposite direction  but turned around when the dirt road turned into trail.  That was less problem today with Fedaia's 28mm tires and disc brakes.  

I started by climbing the classic Val di Croda from Dardago up to end of pavement at 585 meters.  I then rolled back down to the trailhead at 557 meters.  I picked my bike up and heard panting, turned around and a gigantic black Newfoundland strolled up.  His owner soon appeared and they headed up the trail first.  Then I climbed up the nearly vertical stairs and headed onto the ascending trail.  This section I had hiked previously (pushing a MTB) but my objective then was to the north  .

Today I continued climbing, pushing Fedaia to the south till 734 meters.  The trail levels off here with lovely views of Croda di San Tome.  Someone with cyclocross handling skills could probably ride this section but I continued walking.  Suddenly the trail veered away from the cliff and I had the feeling I'd been here before.  I was certain this was where I'd turned around back in 2013.  I began riding brief stretches and before long I was on the dirt road.  This was excellent riding and later it turned  to asphalt.  A few minutes later still  I joined the road down to Mezzomonte cemetery.

The descent was cold and fast and I rode all the way home without thawing out.  Wonderful ride.    

Trail to the right goes to Val di Lama
and trail to left goes to Mezzomonte 

Gorgeous view  of Croda di San Tome

The hiking part

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