Thursday, December 8, 2016


I wasn't sure how high I could go but I was hoping to reach Casera Casavento, near the dinosaur footprint.  As it turned out I was freezing even with 3 thermal layers on top.  I tried standing on every little hill, pushing harder than I usually would, but I was frozen.  So I kept going and decided I would turn around at noon regardless how far I rode.  I made it to Claut and then down the road toward Lesis.  My drop dead time arrived so I stopped and took some photos on the little bridge across Torrente Cellina at Mattan, then headed home.  It's mostly downhill so I just put my head down and gutted it out.  Very happy to come home and jump in a hot bath. 

The snowy peak in background is Col Nudo

The view toward Passo di San Osvaldo

Gorgeous Val Cimoliana peaks  

Panned a bit more to northwest

Water vapor crystals on Torrente Cellina bridge 

Another view

Torrente Cellina flowing west

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