Sunday, December 4, 2016

Pala Barzana

Cold morning but I needed to get a ride in before Marilyn went to the urne (poll) to vote.  I headed up through Valcolvera  to Poffabro and then over Pala Barzana.  Saw a little animal with ring pattern in its fur running through the woods.  UPDATE:  I looked through my Mammiferi Friulane  and it was a lynx.  Very cool to see one in broad daylight.  I've heard one once before on climb to  Pian delle Femene in Veneto.

Very cold on the descent: I think I needed a thicker underlayer.  The 4km tunnel was slightly less frigid.  Got home and was a bit hypothermic, felt even dopier than usual until I got a nice hot bath.  Fun ride.

Preview of Monte Raut from  Valcolvera

Chiesa di San Nicolo at Poffabro ( San Nicolo was nowhere
to be found- maybe busy loading the sleigh for Christmas Eve)

Piazza Poffabro

Mountains above Andreis

Valley fog north of Bosplans

Foggy valley stretching toward Barcis

Good climb

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