Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sella Chianzutan

Got a late start so drove to Lestans and rode from there.  The gorge of Torrente Arzino is one of my favorite places in Friuli, and today I rode almost the full length of it.  I was lucky to get some warm sun along the way, though many stretches are in perpetual shade and stay frosted over.  After you turn away from the Arzino toward the Sella you ride through a gorgeous forest of big beech trees (faggio) similar to Pizzoc.  The pass is grassland, hopefully snowy soon but today bare.

The descent was great fun with Fedaia's disc brakes and intuitive handling.  The 28mm  tires were smooth riding and never slipped, even on the frosty bits.  Wonderful ride.   

On the switchbacks below Anduins

View north from the pass toward Tolmezzo

Beautiful autumn grassland of the Sella

The climb from Rio Rugoni landslide to the Sella

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