Sunday, May 24, 2015

Villa Varda

Watching the giro ride along the Piave to Jesolo Friday, I realized I've neglected this whole southwest quadrant.  A piece of the pie is missing, from Caorle to Il Montello.  The rain finally stopped today so I set out to remedy this oversight.  I rode down through Porcia and Brugnera to Villa Varda, a lovely forested estate on the bank of Fiume Livenza.  From there I continued down to Oderzo and Ponte del Piave, where I looked for the bridge without success.  I knew San Dona was on the other side of the river, so I rode as far south as Noventa, then gave up and turned back.  As I retraced my route through Ponte de Piave I found the bridge on the road headed west toward Treviso.  The Piave meanders and loops around so much the roads don't bother following it.  Nice flat ride, which I may use again to reach Eraclea soon if the weather holds up. 

Villa Varda: the big house in the distance

This structure to the east may be a guest house or servants quarters

Nice shady lane for hot summer days

The Livenza at Brugnera, looping east

Here it is again looping northwest

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