Sunday, May 31, 2015

San Stino di Livenza

I started early intending to visit Eraclea Mare on the Adriatic coast.  I rode through Porcia, Prata di Pordenone, Meduna di Livenza, and San Stino di Livenza.  At this point the route starts riding on Venezia SP62, a scenic road along the top of a flood control levy that follows Fiume Livenza's banks.  This was the best part of the ride for me: no cars, a meandering levy road, riparian flora, waterfowl, birdsong.  I was mesmorized and forgot about Eraclea.  I reached my turn-around time at Salute di Livenza, across the river from San Giorgio di Livenza.  I had to turn around to get home on time, but vowed to return.  The levy road continues to the west end of Caorle, so I will try to do that stretch soon.

The ride home involved more getting lost, ending up in Pordenone, bonking, confused finding my way through very familiar streets.  Luckily I realized what was happening and stopped for another banana and more tea (with potassium salt).  After that everything was ok.  Will try again soon.  

Fiume Meduna at Prata.  The river flows from the mountains into
Il Magredi gravel beds and disappears.  It reemerges further
south nearCordenons.  Not too far from Villa Varga
it joins Fiume Livenza and flows to the Adriatico

Fiume Meduna view upstream

Saluta di Livenza from SP62

Close up

A giant fishing net as wide as the river

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