Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Campone - Monte Prat

This ride is 3 or 4 favorite climbs strung together.  It started with an easy climb from Maniago through Bus di Colvera to Frisanco, then headed east down Val Muie to Navarons.  Next the road from Lago Redona east to Campone along Torrente Chiarzo.  Here begins the second climb, up to Piani di Clauzetto (655 meters) followed by descent to Pradis di Sotto.  Immediately you start another climb to Pradis di Sopra (685 meters) and then plunge down to Pielungo in Val Arzino (328 meters).   Here you start the last climb, up the west side of Monte Prat to Val Tochel (881 meters).  As you might have guessed, now you make another long descent to Flagogna in Val Arzino (145 meters).  All this saliscendi is quite fun and didn't wear me out as much as one long climb usually does.  There was a tailwind most of the way home, which helped considerably.  There are many variants you could make to this route.  Great biking area.

Campone below Monte Celant

Stone arch bridge over Torrente Chiarzo at Campone

Older stone bridge leading up valley to Tamar,
abandoned settlement on north slope of Monte Celant

View east from Pradis di Sopra

Pielungo church with Monte Prat in background

Looking south down Val Arzino toward Tagliamento River

Mountains to the west from 700 meters

Monte Pala on your right

Monte Flagjel from the west

Val Tochel 880 meters, with Mt Flagjel seen from the east

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