Sunday, May 10, 2015

Monte Ciastelat Hike

From my back window Pala Fontana (1637 meters) dominates the view.  You can even see it as far south as the Adriatico shore.  If instead you approach from the north there is a tree-covered altopiano with huge outcroppings of karst stone dominating the scene.  The highest point, less than a km northeast of Pala Fontana, is Monte Ciastelat (1641 meters).  Today I hiked there from the trailhead at Pian delle More (1193 meters).  It's an easy hike with fantastic views.  Along the way you pass through an area of ancient pastures with piled-rock walls.  Also there are ruins of an old stone casera (cheese maker).  The summit of Monte Ciastelat is a rocky outcropping, but not difficult to scramble up.  From the top a 360 degree panorama from Adriatico to Alpe awaits.  Definitely try it if you're in the area.   

After climbing from Pian delle More,
begin the trail to Monte Ciastelat here 

Rocky pastures below north side of Pala Fontana

Ruins of cheese maker's hut

Ruderi casera

Ruderi casera

Looking through the entrance of the cheese maker's hut ruins

Piled-rock walls kept sheep from wandering away

Piled-rock walls

Monte Ciastelat summit

Almost there: now you must scale these rocks

From the summit: looking east toward Slovenia

Monte Raut and the southeast end of Monte Ressetum 

 Monte Ressetum wall east of Valcellina

Taller peaks to the north

Panning north northwest

Monte Cavallo Gruppo (Piancavallo area far left)

North side of Pala Fontana showing microwave reflector (from our house
only the side view is visible: looks like a short tower)  

Zoom in on tall peaks to north (need to look them up in peakfinder)
I think the town is Cimolais

Panned to north northwest

Must go explore these huge karst formations; may be easier to reach
from Monterale Valcellina Osservatorio Astronomico

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