Monday, August 4, 2014

Passo Valparola

A few years ago I ascended Passo Falzarego and Valparola from Caprile, then completed the loop through Corvara, Arabba and back to Caprile.  Somehow I never got around to climbing Falzarego from Cortina or Valparola from La Villa.  Today I tried to rectify that.

I left Cortina on my bike around 0730 (a quite nippley 48℉ in August!) and climbed past Pocol, Tofana di Rozes and Cinque Torri to Passo Falzarego at 2117 meters.  Then a km or so to Passo Valparola (2192 meters).  I donned my descending wear and sped down past stupendous Cima di Lago through San Cassione to La Villa (1420 m).  Crowded down here so I didn't linger long.

The climb back up to Passo Valparola was a good workout.  The traffic thins somewhat after Amentarola so it doesn't seem too bad.  Over the top I mostly coasted down to Cortina because the traffic after 11 AM was too heavy to go fast.  

Fun ride, though I do recommend starting very early in the morning.  Many tourists seem to sleep in, so you can use that to your advantage.  You can also combine either of these with other nearby passes to create numerous loops.   

Tofane di Rozes, 3225 meters

Piccolo Lagazuoi, 2778 meters 

Piccolo Lagazuoi close-up

Peak adjacent to Piccolo Lagazuoi

Marmolada glacier from Tre Sassi fortress, Passo Valparola

View to southwest from Tre Sassi fortress

View west toward La Villa, Gruppo Sella

Cima di Lago, 2654 meters

Close up of rock formations Cima di Lago

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