Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Monte Dolada

A clear day!  Rode down to Vittorio Veneto and up over Fadalto to Lago di Santa Croce.  Past the lake I turned right toward Pieve d'Alpago.  Long climb through Tignes, Pieve and Plois to the start of the real steepness:  Monte Dolada.   Here I finally had to started using the 34-30 gear, yet still I  was struggling.  But I didn't stop once to rest, which may be the first time I made it up Dolada non-stop.  At the end of pavement (1495m) I panted for a moment and then began descending.  Lots of drainage channels to jump but otherwise a good road.  A guy was coming up on a mountain bike making a whirring noise: it had an electric motor.  18% grade or not, that's cheating.  At Pieve I was supposed to take a shortcut I had researched, but I was so tired I completely forgot.  So I went several km out of the way.  

At Puos d'Alpago I began the climb to Tambre and Il Cansiglio.  This is less steep than Dolada but if you're tired it's a good challenge.  After crossing Piancansiglio I climbed up to La Crosetta (1150m) and descended to Sarone.  Felt hot down here after being up high.  The hilly climb home took another hour, and then a nice soak in the bath.  Ahhh.  Good ride.

View of Alpago toward the east from Monte Dolada

Monte Dolada on left: the white house in the trees is
Rifugio Dolomieu, end of the road

Mountains to northwest 

Mountains to northeast

Lago di Santa Croce from below Pieve d'Alpago:
Col Visentin on right, Monte Pizzoc on left

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