Saturday, August 16, 2014

Col Grande

After a week of rain (and painting Marilyn's bedroom) I finally saw a chance to escape.  Col Grande is another of our highest local spots reachable on a road bike.  This climb starts at Coltura (by Polcenigo), climbs up to Mezzomonte on the main road, then follows a narrow mountain lane from Mezzomonte cemetery to Col delle Palse at 1360 meters.  Then you take a right on the ridge road, riding on rough rocks for 100 meters until pavement resumes (you could carry or push your bike over this stretch if rims/tires are a worry).  You climb on the paved road to 1460 meters where pavement ends again.  The road continues (if you're on a MTB) to Valle Friz and Piancavallo.

On the way down it got cold so I put on my arm warmers and vest.  I wished I had my leg warmers too.  There was a group of mountain bikers coming up and later, to my amazement, a road biker.  That's the first time I've seen another road biker up here in the past year or two.  Maybe word is spreading.  

Be careful of the drainage channels- they are numerous.

Fun ride.  Now if this rain will go away!

Road continues from end of pavement to Valle Friz

Beautiful view of the hillside, the pianura,
and the Adriatico shimmering in the distance.

View of northeast coast of Adriatico (Trieste, Grado) 

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