Monday, August 18, 2014

Monte Faverghera

There are two paved roads to Nevegal: a relatively easy climb from Ponte nelle Alpi and a very steep climb from Belluno.  The steep climb was featured as a cronoscalata in  the 2011 Giro d'Italia.  I've ridden it once before but usually opt for the climb from Ponte nelle Alpi.  Today I decided it was time to refresh my memory and try the steep route again.  

After the warm up from Vittorio Veneto I turned left from the lakeshore toward Vich.  I had planned a back way to avoid the main road along the south bank of the Piave River, but quickly got lost and ended up on the main road.  Meno male, traffic wasn't too bad this day after Ferragosto weekend.  At the bridge crossing from Belluno, you turn south up the slope to Castions.  Not steep so far, but soon a wall looms ahead.  From 450 meters elevation to 1000 meters you average 10% gradient with no let up.  It eases somewhat south of Nevegal, then steepens again.  After Nevegal you continue another 5 km up the switchbacks to Monte Faverghera at 1360 meters.  From here I walked up the trail briefly to the cliffs overlooking Lago di Santa Croce, Fadalto, and Alpago.  Cloudy today but still spectacular.

I zoomed down the easier road toward Ponte nelle Alpi, turning right at Col di Cugnan and descending through Cornolade to the main road along the lake.  Fast descent to Vittorio Veneto and then drove home.  I did today's climb in 34 X 27 (just to see if I could)- legs very tired now.

Cloud forest on Monte Faverghera cliffs

Reflection of sea of clouds in Lago di Santa Croce

Mezzomiglio pastures through the mist above Il Cansiglio

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