Thursday, July 31, 2014

Giau da Cortina

I climbed Giau from Selva di Cadore a few years ago but never got around to doing the other side.   So today I tried it.  On the drive up to Cortina it showered intermittently, and I was worried about getting caught on the pass in a storm.  I parked in a pay per hour lot at Cortina and a lady walked maybe 100 meters from her car to tell me there's a free lot just down the street.  Very kind of her.  After shifting the Mini down there, I started the bike climb up toward Falzarego.  After a few km I reached Pecol and turned left for Giau.  Very good road- lots of switchbacks to ease the gradient.  At the top the crowd was much smaller than on my last visit, no motorhomes, tour buses, motorcyclic hordes: instead, just a few tourists.  I'm thinking the weather has frightened people away.

The descent was very cold despite arm warmers and vest.  I'll try to remember my leg warmers next time.  This is a good climb- much easier than the other side, but with the same wilderness feel.  Highly recommended.

View to the west

To the northwest


Gruppo Sella in distance

Marmolada, with her glacier 

Cortina in valley with Sorapiss in background

Nuvolau from the east

Ponte Lastoi de Formin to southeast

Close-up of towers along the ridge

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  1. For sure less difficult than the other side, but still a good challenge and the strudel at the top is world-class, no matter which way you get there!