Friday, July 4, 2014

Casera Frascon MTB

The massif stretching from Lago di Santa Croce to Valdobbiadene has some of the prettiest scenery anywhere.  The north side, covered with miles of forest and meadows, slopes gently down to the Piave River.  Today I rode from Visome, across the river from Belluno, up to Valmorel, Malga Montegal, and Casera Frascon.  The shady country lane winds along Torrente Cicogne up to Pian del Monte (573 meters).  This spot was familiar: I descended here on the way down from Nevegal to Passo San Boldo in 2012 nevegal-valmorel-passo-san-boldo .  Like then, I dove down to Tassei then climbed steeply up the other side of the valley to Valmorel at 792 meters.  

From here I headed up toward Passo San Boldo, but instead turned left on a forested mountain road to  Malga Montegal (900 meters).  Beautiful pastures here, surrounded by tall firs.  I decided I would try a trail starting near Malga Canal del Gat.  Pavement ends as you cross the electric fence and head up a narrow gravel forest road to Casera Frascon (1140 meters).  Fun climb.  

From here you can see over the ridge, across the plains stretching to Venezia (today was hazy so the laguna was only a silvery shimmer).  A lady came down from Casera Frascon and hiked toward Pian delle Femene.  This was good because my map wasn't helping.  So I went the same way she did, a narrow single track on the steep slope, pounded into a trench  by the weight of horse hooves.  I pushed the bike on most of it because my pedals kept hitting the raised sides of the trail.  I descended to Pian delle Femene where you could take the paved road to Revine Lago, or the dirt road to Valmorel as I did.  This is a wide, smooth dirt and concrete road so you can go pretty fast.  I missed a turn at Casera Rosset: instead of going to Malga Montegal I ended up in Melere at 840 meters.  No problem- I quickly arrived in nearby Valmorel.  From here I descended to the Piave River via a different route.  First up steeply to 883 meters then down a wonderful smooth, wide, winding road through Valpiana to Giaon.   The car was parked nearby and I headed home.  Next time maybe I'll try the road bike from Limana to end of pavement at Montegal.  Many possible variations in this zone.

Tassei near Torrente Cicogne

Start of the trail from Malga Canal del Gat to Frascon

Malga Canal del Gat from trail

Malga Montegal from trail

Belluno peaks seen from Frascon pond

Hills to northwest

To northeast the roof of Casera Frascon is visible over the hill

Looking down at the hills west of Vittorio Veneto: prosecco country 

The horse trail to Pian delle Femene from Frascon

Hazy Monte Pizzoc on right, Col Visentin with antennas, center left
Looking down Canal del Limana toward Belluno

Monument to Women of the Resistance (WW II)

Asini in paddock at Pian delle Femene
From 883 meters before the descent to Giaon

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