Saturday, July 19, 2014

Forcella Clautana MTB

I tried climbing to Forcella Clautana in May, but the snow was still too deep on Monte Ressetum.  Today I took a slightly different route, climbing from Lesis toward Casera Pradut, rather than Matan to Casera Ressetum as in May.  Both routes are gravel roads with loose stone, and concrete or asphalt on the steeper sections.  This road is still a killer gradient but seemed slightly less difficult than Casera Ressetum- maybe all in my head.

At the trail junction (1381 meters) of Pradut and Colciavas, turn left toward Casera Colciavas.  There are several rough gravel switchbacks to climb so you must pedal while seated to avoid tire slippage.  The casera at 1513m is slightly above the road and I skipped it today.  The gravel road finally climbs to 1552 meters and then begins to descend.  There are several loose-gravel switchbacks on the descent, then you arrive at Forcella Clautana at 1432 meters.  I caught a glimpse through the trees of Lago Ca Selva to the east- a route I'll attempt another day.  Today instead I headed down Strada degli Alpini trail toward Casera Casavento.  This is fantastic cliffside single track built by Italian soldiers before World War I.  I'm a chicken, so I rode slowly almost the whole way, stopping at landslides and rockfalls to walk.  There are great views from up here.

Eventually I made it to Casera Casavento at 980 meters.  Many cows and asini in the pastures here.  I headed down the gravel road until pavement resumes at 870 meters.  A fast trip down the tornanti then along Torrente Cellina to Lesis.  Want to come back and try some of the possible variations- this is great MTBing country.  

On paved road along Torrente Cellina:
turn right towards Pradut

This is the junction after the killer gradient;
head toward Colciavath

Forcella Clautana Monument

Detail of carving on porphyry column 

After the Germans routed Italians at Caporetto, many retreated
via Strada degli Alpini to Piave River and new front line

Monte Ciampons

Casera Casavento far below

Looking back toward Monte Ressetum

Monte Domanzon

Ciol de la Galina waterfall

Ciol de Ciasavent shooting off a cliff before falling to the large
boulders below and exposed dinosaur fossilized footprint 

Baby asinino near Casera Casavento coming over to visit

Enjoying a scratch between the ears

The principle climb

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