Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tarzo - Cozzuolo

Pleasant surprise today- our World Traveler, Paul Kim, is back to visit and invited us for a reunion  bike ride.  So I rode down to Budoia, met up with Paul, Joe, Naz and Mark and off we went.  Good pace today- just quick enough to keep you on the edge of collapse, but not enough to finish you off.

We rode up through Sarmede to Fratta, then through Vittorio Veneto to Revine Lago and Tarzo.  At Corbonese we turned up into the prosecco vineyards above Conegliano-  beautiful panoramas here.  Back through Cordignano to Budoia, then Naz was kind enough to accompany me to Giais on his way to Maniago.  Hopefully we'll have another group ride like this soon- enjoyed having some company for a change

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