Friday, March 21, 2014

Dardago, Mezzomonte, Santa Lucia in Colle MTB

First mountain bike ride of 2014: rode up through Dardago to the left turn for Al Ciastelat.  Steeply up the paved road, past the restaurant driveway, then continue to end of pavement, where you take the gravel road to your left.  The dirt road (marked Tagliafuoco on the map) continuously varies from climbing steeply  to descending a bit and even levels off at times.  Some of the steeper bits have been concreted.  Eventually you end up climbing up to Mezzomonte at almost 500 meters and reach pavement again.   I sped downhill to Coltura, then crossed though Polcenigo and Santa Lucia.  Here I got a sudden urge to try and find the way to the church on the wooded hill, Santa Lucia in Colle.  This was a steep concrete road but I made it.  Then I decided to go over the top of the hill, which was even steeper concrete.  The rest of the woodland trails were dirt and moderately inclined.  Looks like a great place for Sunday walks/hikes.

Budoia from almost 400 meters

Dardago from around 400 meters

Santa Lucia in Colle

This church is in a secluded wooded area; you may be startled when the bells start pealing 

The front end of the church

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