Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sfadigà, Borgo Ciser, Sonego

The hills east of Vittorio Veneto have some settlements here and there, visible from the city below.   A group of houses above Sant'Andrea church caught my eye so I needed to investigate.  Just past the back of the church take a right on Via Borghel.  In no time the road turns to concrete and tilts upward at about 20%.   A man gingerly walking downslope wished me "Forza!" and I was wishing for it too.  I stopped for a breather then went a bit further up, when  I noticed a tiny car having trouble descending a hairpin curve.  That did it:  I put on my cleat covers and pushed the bike up to a less steep spot.

I kept up this pattern of briefly climbing, then walking with cleat covers for a kilometer or so.  Around 500 meters it seemed to level out and I stayed in the pedals from then on.  I descended to Borgo Ciser, then continued down to Sonego.  It would be much better to do this climb from Fregona and Sonego than from Vittorio Veneto.  

After Fregona I climbed back up to the panoramic road through Osigo and Montaner to Rugolo.  I descended to Sarmede, on to Caneva and Via Pedemontane Occidentale to Giais.  Great ride, but I'll try it in the opposite direction next time.

Turn right here if you must climb it from Vittorio Veneto

Pretty pastures around Borgo Pesaro

Vittorio Veneto neighborhood on mountainside

Santuario di Santa Augusta: stairs reach it from Vittorio Veneto

Asino farm, possibly di Marzio Bruseghin 

Monte Pizzoc above meadows of Sfadigà

Astronomical observatory

Tiny church at Borgo Ciser

Coming from Fregona turn left here at Sonego

Sonego stone church

Bikes decorated for Carnevale at a house near Caneva

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