Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pala Barzana - Panuch

Decided to check Pala Barzana to see if the pass is open yet.  After the long tunnel I turned right and headed up through Bosplans.   At 690 meters the road was barricaded due to a landslip (frane) so I hopped off and hoofed it for 50 meters carrying the bike along the edge.  The rest of the road and pass is open.  I descended even slower than usual after hearing Joe William's harrowing experience with a rear blow-out above Poffabro last year.  He used his excellent bike handling skills to save his gorgeous new ti Passoni as well as himself, so a happy ending.  I would have probably flipped over a guardrail and down a ravine.

I skipped Poffabro and descended through Valdifrini then continued down Val Muie to Navarons.   At Lago di Tramonti I turned left and skirted the lakeshore to Chievolis.  Here starts the climb up Val Silisia to Lago Ca' Selva.  Crossed the dam and after a brief dirt stretch climbed the steep paved road to Panuch (639m).  Fun ride home.  

Frane at 690 meters above Bosplans

View north from Pala Barzana

Monte Rodolino from 530 meters above Lago Ca' Selva

Panuch trail head- I'll try to hike to Monte Raut this summer

Mountains to west above Lago Ca' Selva

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