Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Val Settimana MTB

Torrente Settimana flows into Torrente Cellina just before you enter the town of Claut.  For years I've wanted to visit but needed a mountain bike.  Finally I got to see it!

You cross the bridge over Torrente Settimana  at Claut's city limit and immediately turn left.  Follow the signs for Val Settimana or Rifugio Pussa.  The road is well paved at first and follows the Settimana through a beautiful gorge.  The steeply descending mountainsides are densely covered in spruce trees, with rocky cliff faces higher up.  There are occasional unpaved stretches, some of which aren't bad but others are covered with road bike tire-shredding rocks.  I was glad I had brought the mountain bike.  You pass through some lovely wooded stretches, which were full of cows and sheep with clanging bells.  Magical sound!  Eventually  you reach Ciol del Pes, a side canyon with a beautiful waterfall.  A bit further and you enter Casera la Pussa, a wide grassy area between the mountains on both sides and the torrente.  This is the end of the road but the trailhead for footpaths going in every direction into the mountains.  Rifugio Pussa is also here, with lodging for hikers.  The ride back was mostly downhill- very fun.  I will try to come back here often. 

Cliff topped mountains lining the west bank of Torrente Settimana

And these line the east bank

Cascata di Val Piovin on east side of gorge


Looking south from Casera la Pussa

North to Rifugio Pussa

Noisy Ciol del Pes waterfall on west side of gorge

View back up Val Settimana from cyclists' bridge near Claut 

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