Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cima da Campo

I tried to do this climb last month but the area was rainy when I arrived, so I drove a  bit to the east and climbed Col Artent from Lentiai instead.  Today the weather was perfect.  I parked at Arsiè on the west bank of Torrente Cismon and warmed up on the riverside bike trail for Fonzaso.  Here I headed west on SS 50  to the tunnel Pedesalto.  This is too busy to ride through safely in my opinion, but luckily the old road along the river cliffs is still passable.  The road climbs above the gorge to an old dam where the water exits the lake in a large waterfall.  Pretty cool.  Now you turn left on SP40 ( which heads toward Roa and Lamon).  You're climbing a good gradient now, switchbacking past the turnoff for Arina and continuing up SP40.  Soon you enter Trentino province steadily climb upward until reaching 911 meters.  Afterwards you reach SP79 and turn left toward Castello Tesino (turning right takes you to Passo Brocon).

Castello Tesino is a pretty hillside town.  I saw the castle walls but did not stop to visit the site today.   I descended some and then began the 13km climb to Cima da Campo.  Rally cars kept driving by on this road, but there were also Fiats with folks going shopping mixed in.  The rally cars were going a bit faster than the regular traffic but not racing.  After crossing a beautiful altopiano I reached Cima da Campo at 1428 meters.  Suddenly there were signs stating the road was closed today for 3 different periods.  The officials told me to wait so I hung out for maybe half an hour.  Finally the the scopa (official car marking end of race) arrived, and they started letting cars descend.  Rather crowded with spectators and cars coming up the hill, but it was good because it slowed me down so I didn't flat on the terrible pavement.  Really torn up on the upper half of the climb from Arsiè.

Later it improved and I was able to loosen my death grip on the brakes a little.   This is a gorgeous area and some good climbing.  I think next time I'll try to ascend from Arina to Castello Tesino, which is supposed to be steeper, with 22 switchbacks and an unpaved section toward the end.  Sounds fun!

Cliffs above Torrente Cismon in morning fog

Wider view, including the Dover chalk-like cliffs closer to Arsiè

Waterfall of the dam at Ponte Serra

View of San Donato on Monte Coppolo (from Roa climb) 

View down Val Cismon from Roa climb

Church at Castello Tesino

Altopiano between Castello Tesino and Cima da Campo

Shepherds and dogs herd their flock across the altopiano

One of the rally cars

View to northeast from Cima da Campo

View to north

Looking back toward the climb from Castello Tesino

Pale di San Martino Group in the distance

View of Malga Celado on descent 

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