Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I had big plans to wake up early and drive to Seren del Grappa  then ride to the mountain top.  But when I woke up the wind was howling and rain was pelting the windows horizontally.  In case it was a freak local cell I checked Monte Grappa's webcam and it showed windspeed of 63 kph.  That would pick me and the bike up and sweep us over a cliff.  So I waited a few hours till the storm quit, the sun came out, and I did a short local ride.  

Piancavallo is a great workout practically right out the backdoor.  There are folks at the airbase who ride it for their lunchtime fitness fix.  In fact today a young lady zoomed by me like I was a statue.  She came back down shortly after so I guess she did Rifugio Bornass and back, which is some of the steepest climbing on the hill

Anyway the storm blew all the haze away so there were great views of the Adriatic Sea to the south and snow-dusted peaks toward Slovenia.  Great ride! 

The bright band at land's end is the Adriatico

Got a little snow up high in the east

A beautiful wintery cloud forming

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