Sunday, September 8, 2013

Landri Scur e Landri Viert MTB

I heard about these caves above Maniago and had to go see them.  It’s a quick ride from our house past Maniago to Busa del Colvera on the mountain bike.  Several groups of climbers were scaling the vertical walls of the gorge this morning.  I crossed the main road at the bridge between the tunnels and then continued along the gorge until I reached a gravel road turning off to the left.  This descends to Torrente Colvera, and then continues to the left where the river splits.  Easy woodland road for awhile, then heads up a bit with some concrete sections around 12-13%.  

You arrive at Landri Scur and follow a trail to the left.  Here are several cave openings (blocked with iron grates today) in a beautiful zone of ferns and mosses.
Then you continue on to Landri Viert, with another short steep hiking trail where you can  view the large cave opening.

I intended to follow a trail to Val di Frina or Buffui on the Pala Barzana road but couldn’t find it.  So I returned to the main road and turned up through Val di Frina.  No signs but I saw a couple of left turning dirt roads that might connect to the trail- have to explore later.  Then on the Pala Barzana road I found the other trail.  That looked pretty steep- definitely be pushing the bike up that gradient.

Pala Barzana climb and descent were fun as always.  At the recreation area along Torrente Alba below Andreis a big crowd was picnic-ing, playing, enjoying the last few weekends of summer.   Great ride!

Take the gravel road down hill to the left

Landri Scur cave opening is the dark area (locked with grate for safety)

To the right another opening

Another, maybe 50 meters northeast

Up above a rock formation with even more holes

This was 50 meters to the west.

Reminds me of Natural Bridge Virginia, which
was on the way to grandmother's house in NJ
Landri Viert from above, with 2 much larger cave openings 
A close up of the right Landi Viert cave opening

Close up of the left Landri Viert cave opening

On Pala Barzana road the trailhead at Buffui

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