Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cold and Wet

It was lightly sprinkling when I woke up- almost like mist, a couple of degrees above freezing.  Around 0800 I got ready and left for Maniago to join my friend Naz for a ride.  Unknown to me, he had sent a message to call off the ride because of the weather.  He was cool about it though, and went ahead and got ready.  Our original plan of climbing was altered by the low altitude freezing point.  Instead we rode down to Vivaro, across to Spilimbergo, up to Meduno, and back to Maniago.  Most of the way it was sprinkling/drizzling, just enough to gradually soak you thoroughly.  Naz very kindly throttled back so I could keep up with him- very fast rider.

The cold and wet wasn't too bad except for fingers and toes- need waterproof shoe covers and gloves.  I had to soak my hands in cold water for 10 minutes when I got home until my fingers regained feeling- reminded me of sledding at my grandmother's in New Jersey as a kid.   


  1. Only a few km from my Nonno's home town of San Giorgio della Richinvelda :)

    1. Yes I go down near there sometimes, had a friend we used to visit in Rauscedo- nice vineyards!

  2. Great blog! I live in North Carolina but travel to the veneto for work each year. The past two years I have stayed in Valstagna and ridden from there. But now I am interested in maybe staying in Friuli instead. I would love to talk to you more about it