Friday, August 12, 2011

Monte Rest from South and North

Monte Rest is another wonderful local climb.  I decided to climb both the south and north approaches today instead of riding a loop to save time.  They are two quite distinct ascents.

After a long warm-up through Meduno (313m) and over the rolling hills to Tramonti di Sopra at 407m, the climb proper begins.  Beautiful switchbacks through the forest, streams brimming from the recent rains, and wildflowers covered with butterflies- this is a fantastic ride.  At Passo di Monte Rest (1060m) the road crests in a lovely spruce forest, and begins the plummet to Torrente Tagliamento (512m).

After reaching the river, I crossed the bridge and followed the flattish road along the riverbank for a kilometer or so.  I then turned back toward Monte Rest and started the ascent of the north side.  This climb is a bit more rugged, with short erratic switchbacks, but no less beautiful than the south side.  The streams, waterfalls and big trees are spectacular, to say nothing of the views of Val Tagliamento and surrounding peaks.

After the pass I zoomed down slope, with a few stops for fotos.  There were more bikers ascending the climb now, unlike earlier this morning.  I continued home and felt pretty good, completing 112 km with 1777 meters of climbing.

Both approaches to Passo di Monte Rest are excellent climbs and highly recommended.             

Looking west up Val Tagliamento  

Northeast down Val Tagliamento 

From the Tagliamento bridge

Cascade of Rio Grasia

Monte Rest's west cliff face towering above

The cliff face continues to the southeast

From a few hundred meters lower, the base
of the cliffs supporting the upper cliffs far above

Light orange butterfly

Brownish butterfly with spots

Cascade Torrente Viellia

Beautiful black and white zebra butterfly with reddish-orange lower wings 

Close up of pretty zebra butterfly

Elevation profile

The north climb, up from Torrente Tagliamento

South climb from Tramonti di Sopra

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