Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monte Pizzoc

Monte Pizzoc is another favorite local ride- rising from 31 meters up to 1536 meters, with challenging gradients, and beautiful scenery.

I left shortly after 7 AM riding the rolling hills down to ristorante Trota Blu and the turn off for Sarone.  The climb from here up to Malga Coda del Bosco (870m) has mostly southern exposure, so leave early on sunny summer days.

2 guys passed me on the middle of the climb, then slowed down.  I rode behind them up past the malga, then passed them.  This section is shaded by dense beech forest, and feels much cooler.  I reached the little pass La Crosetta (1118m) and continued downhill for a kilometer for the turn off for Monte Pizzoc.  The 2 guys passed me again, so I rode behind them awhile.  They turned off at Via Zuel (1280m) while I continued toward Pizzoc, so I thought they were gone.   A few minutes later they passed again.  What the heck?  Anyway they gradually slowed down again when the road got steeper around 1350 meters, so I ended up catching them again.  Very strange.

I continued briefly past end of pavement up to a nice flat look out area.  I was taking pictures when a very friendly man with his wife asked if I wanted him to take my picture.  I thought he might want one of them as well so I could send it to them later, but no.  He was very kind.

I descended briskly (fun but scary during vacation season, as people now have bigger cars, SUVs etc which take up most of the road, particularly in switchback turns).   At the bottom I felt pretty good and made it home (20km) fairly quickly, despite the heat.  Great ride!


Piancansiglio meadows, backed by mountains to the east

Sorry about the helmet hair

Tall peaks of Dolomiti Bellunesi 

Looking up Strada del Prosecco, from north end of Vittorio Veneto,
past Lago Revine and Tovena toward Valdobbiadene

Left background Monte Cesen (1750m), with Monte Grappa peeking from behind;
right foreground Monte Viscontin (1763m), with Pian delle Femene and Pian dei Grassi meadows 

Family of asini hanging round the watering hole

Campanule in alpine meadows of Pizzoc

Close up of campanule


  1. I just had a glance at your cycling summary through July. That's some nice work. It's no wonder you look so happy in the photo.

  2. Thanks Delmer. I remember my eyes stinging from the sweat pouring down, and panting with mouth wide open till the man shot the foto- good to hear my happiness came through!