Thursday, August 18, 2011

Monte Prat da Pielungo

This is another series of smaller local climbs, this time Pala Barzana, Orton and Monte Prat.

Climbing Pala Barzana I passed Bosplans and saw a fellow ahead on a steep straight stretch.  I stood in the pedals and soon caught up.   He was an older gentleman on a mountain bike, and we started talking.  He was very friendly and described his plan for today- after Pala Barzana (842m) ) he would climb the strada sterrata to Monte Jof, then descend to Maniago.  He was familiar with all the climbs I told him about, and even told me about a new one I'd always passed and presumed was an abandoned road.  His name is Ermiono.  Hopefully our paths will cross again someday.

Fun descent as always down the curves to Poffabro and then to Navarons.  After passing Lago Tramonti, I turned right toward Campone, and then over Piani di Clauzetto (675m).  Here a lovely lady was standing by her bike, waiting for someone.  A little further along I encountered who she was awaiting- an older man, flat on his back, cranking a handbike up this slope.  I said Bon di and he responded.  What courage it would take to climb a narrow public road on your back!  Not to mention the upper body strength.  That's determination!

After Pradis I climbed over Orton (699m) and then headed down through Pielungo to Val d'Arzino.  This is one the most beautiful roads I've ridden.  I need to go back in the car and hike down to the waterfall I glimpsed through the trees.  Quite loud, so I'm guessing it's big.

I rode briefly north on the Val d'Arzino road, then turned right on an unmarked road just before a bridge.  This is a paved forest road up to Monte Prat (894m).  I didn't see a soul on this 11 km climb, neither biking, hiking, nor driving.  Even the herd of pigs in the road on a previous visit were now absent.

I zoomed down the wonderful descent to Forgaria, and over the rollers to Pinzano, Valeriano, Lestans.  Made it home a little over 6 hours after departing.  Good ride!


World War I cemetery near Orton

Val Tochel meadows at 894m

East peak of Monte Cuar above Val Tochel

Pala Barzana, Piani Clauzetto, Orton, Monte Prat

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