Saturday, August 20, 2011

Col Alto da Pedemonte

This is the closest big climb to my house (about 7km away).  It starts at Pedemonte (160m) and finishes 15.6km later at Col Alto (1374m).

The bottom 11km portion is wide and smooth with great switchbacks, averaging around 8%.   After Castaldia (1090m), the top 4.6km is a narrow mountain lane through alpine meadows, averaging about 6%, with some steep ramps in the last km or so.

Today was a beautiful August weekend, so lots of cars heading for Piancavallo on the main road.  I went by a couple of riders who were also climbing, while dozens of early risers zoomed downhill.  But after turning off at Castaldia the mountain lane was mostly deserted.  A lady on a trekking bike asked me if the road downhill went to Piancavallo.  I told her to take a right at Castaldia.    Shortly afterwards her husband rolled by, so hopefully they found their way.

Great descent- very fast and fun.  On the ride back home two older guys, tucked-in and clutching their bikes' aerobars, passed me going up hill by Hotel Royal.  They were fast!

Edited to add:  Later in the afternoon Marilyn wanted to go for a walk, but it was too hot where we live (300m), so we put the dogs in the car and drove up toward Col Alto.   We hiked a ways along Viale delle Malghe, a trail which connects numerous hikers' shelters along the mountains' crest.  Beautiful wildflowers, karst outcroppings, alpine trees, views of the pianura.  And the dogs had a blast.

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  1. Hi - great blog. You should have an "about me" page, or, maybe you do & I've missed it. Loved this one, as I lived in Aviano from '78-'81, as a kid. I've many fond memories of riding an old Murray around the cornfields around Roveredo and Cordenons. Thanks for your posts - keep the rubber side down!