Friday, December 10, 2010

Val d'Artugna 3

Another fortnight of pouring rain, and finally a day of clear skies.  I headed down Via Pedemontana Occidentale, past Aviano at 129 meters, up to Budoia and Dardago, then turned up toward Val d'Artugna .  It was cold but the exertion of climbing heated me up quickly.  I stayed seated all the way up the 10-11% slope, past Il Rifugio and La Chalet, accompanied by the roar of rain-choked Torrente Artugna far below in the gorge.   I passed a couple of older gentlemen walking a little black and white dog.  One of them warned me "Guarda su il inizio, cora" but I wasn't worried- I've ridden this many times before.

At 450 meters I rode carefully in the gutter around the closed barrier, and continued up the narrower mountain lane to end of pavement at 570 meters.  Nice view down the gorge toward Budoia and the plain.  Fun descent- long straight stretch glide in aerodynamic tuck.

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