Monday, December 27, 2010


Finally the rain stops and blue skies return!  On the flip side, the temp's around 0℃.  Much new snow on the mountains, so I headed for the plains.  I glided down the long, slight downhill from Vajont to Vivaro.  Then west to the bridge over the Magredi del Cellina.  I stopped to take some pictures of the mountains, and a paceline of four riders slowed and everyone asked if I needed help "Hai bisogna?  Tutto apposto?"  Very nice feeling having others watch out for you here.

Then through San Foca, San Quirino, Roveredo, and turn north toward Budoia.  Easy 4-5% grade from the train tracks up to the main road in Budoia.  Then rolling hills westward past Aviano, Marsure, and home.  Felt great while riding, but quite cold as soon as I got off the bike.

Monte Cavallo, Pala Fontana. Pala d'Altei (left to right)

 East Ridge of Valcellina, Monte Raut (left to right)

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