Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Toppo - Usago - San Foca

After a couple of rainy days, today was merely overcast and cold.  So I jumped on the bike and headed for the plains.

After a fast spin through Fanna and Cavasso Nuovo,  I crossed Fiume Meduna, emerald green and full of rain runoff, then climbed toward Meduno.  Before reaching town I turned right for Toppo.  This is a pretty road which runs through pastures between Monte Ciuarlec and colline di Sequals.  The overcast skies yielded to clear blue and sunny, and even the cold felt comfortable after hard pedaling.  At Usago, I passed through a gap in the colline di Sequals and entered a leafless wintery woodland on the way to Sequals.

After recrossing the Meduna I headed through open pastureland to Arba, and then turned south to Tesis.  Shortly after, I turned on the new road to Vivaro, across the  Magredi di Cellina to San Foca.  Here I headed north on the treelined backroad to San Leonardo.  Pssst my front tire quickly flatted.  Had a rash of these lately, both front and back.  Time to retire the front tire and move the back tire forward.

North of San Leonardo the clear skies went gray and sunless again, but no problem- I was almost home.

Monte Raut

Mountains along west side of Val Meduna

Monte Cavallo

Col Nudo in the distance, Monte Raut on right

Julian Alps along Slovene border

Julian Alps stretching southeast

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