Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tesis - Maniago

Still waiting on parts.  Day before yesterday I scrubbed the Merckx from stem to stern.  Yesterday I lubed everything, reinstalled derailleur pulleys (don't forget the loc-tite, you can't tighten the bolts), drove the rear brake lever quick-release pin back into place (Campy says to use a brass punch, but I used a piece of wood).  Somehow I pushed that pin halfway out a few months ago and have been riding with no QR ability ever since. You can still spread the pads with the adjustment screw- just a little slower.

My neighbor Silvano, who used to cycle in the mountains, came over and sympathized about my wait for parts.  He thought the Trek with 96 Chorus was a nice spare bike.  Then he took off for the bus stop, caught the bus to the station in Pordenone and caught a train for Venice.  I have neighbors in their mid-70s, with heart conditions etc but they never want a ride.  You can talk them into it, but they are used to walking to the fermata and using mass transit.  They definitely set a good example.

Today is overcast and coolish, but humid.  I rode to Vivaro (didn't turn too early this time) down the long straight stretch from Vajont through Dandolo.  This is the longest, straightest rode around here, mostly deserted, with a big paratrooper landing area on one side.  The Airborne folks from Vicenza jump out of C-130s here.

At Vivaro I turned east briefly, then north toward Tesis.  A large family appeared to be taking their annual holiday bike ride on the road north of Tesis- nice seeing so many folks on bikes.  This road from Tesis to Maniago is a slight upgrade, just as the road to Vivaro was slightly downhill.  So it balances out.  Along this road there is a lovely family of asini who share their field with some goats and geese.  At Maniago I turned west and headed home.

Now I'm getting ready to go check the mail.  Fingers crossed.

Update- the freehub cartridge bearing arrived.  I tapped out the old one with a 6 inch spike, then installed the new one with a 19mm socket and a hammer (don't have a bearing press).
Now all I need is one cone and 2 retainers with ball bearings.

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