Saturday, August 14, 2010

On the Trek to Sarone and back

A break in the rain today so I headed out on the Trek.  I must say, the more I ride it, the more I like it.  I don't have any complaints about the frame- it has a little more buzz over small bumps that the Merckx smoothes out, but other than that and a bit more weight, it's fine.  It even has some extras, like front and rear rack mounting eyelets.  Maybe I'll set it up with panniers as a grocery-getter or take it on an overnight camping trip.

The components have a few problems.  8 speed Chorus is definitely clunkier and requires more effort to shift.  The chain drops off when shifting to small ring if you're not careful, but I have a spare Deda Fang that might fit- it should solve the problem.  And I miss the extra gears.  I would probably change to a compact if I was going to use it often.

The brakes are excellent- it even has the dual-pivot rear brake which is now being offered as an option on Campy 11 speeds.  Too easily locked up IMO, but maybe it would be great for a heavier rider.

Don't care for the skinny handlebar- much prefer the comfy fat Deda Big Piega on the Merckx.

The seat is a Selle San Marco Rolls- very comfortable.  I like the extra positions it allows you on the flats and descending- it's rounded off so easy to slide down the side in fast tight curves.  But it lacks a definite backstop to push against when climbing, and is quite heavy.

As for the wheels, the front is the original Campy Montreal from 1995.  Other than being trued and the hub re-greased a few times, it's untouched.  The rear has the original Chorus hub, but I replaced the rim with a Mavic Open 4CD and DT Swiss double-butted spokes a few years back.  Very nice wheel.

Anyway, I rode down the mountain highway to the turn off for Sarone, instead turned left toward Polcenigo, and went home the back way through Santa Lucia.  Very nice ride, lots of other people out riding on Ferragosto eve.


  1. I don't know that much about bikes these days, but do you tune your own wheels? To me that was the hardest thing in the World to do on a bike!