Sunday, August 22, 2010

Castello di Caneva

We took a long walk with the dogs last night and got home about 10 PM.  We circled the little line of hills which separates our town from the plain- the area below the hills is unpopulated and very peaceful.  Marilyn got to see the Asini Club paddock, where people bring their pet asini to enjoy the hills and fields and nature.  Through the trees we spotted a lovely white asino and a slightly smaller light brown one.  Honey and Teddi, our dogs, stood on their back legs trying to get a peek.

So this morning I woke feeling a bit lazy, and after watching Road to Bali finally headed out on the bike.  Many bikers riding today- even more so between the CRO and Budoia, where a race of time trialists or triathletes was zooming down the hill.  Not sure what kind of a time trial it was though because people where drafting on one another.

At Caneva I turned right, and after 100 meters, turned right again, onto the road for the castello.  I was able to stay seated for the first stretch of climbing, but after a short flat it turned up again and I stood.  A guy zoomed by me seated.  The next flat and slight descent I caught up with him again and coasted so as not to appear to be trying to race.  However he screwed up his shift as the road headed up, and I stupidly hesitated and wasted all my momentum while he kept trying to shift.  Better to simply ride and not worry.  So I stood and climbed the next slope and he eventually caught up at the top (at the turn off for Il Cansiglio).  He stopped there and I headed down toward Sarone.

After the descent I headed on Via Pedemontane toward home.  A guy on a Pinarello with aluminum front triangle and carbon rear triangle, whom I'd passed earlier climbing up il castello, rolled past.  I was feeling tired so I jumped on his wheel.  I think Clint had this model of Pinarello- Paris, maybe?  Anyway, he cruised to the turn off at Polcenigo, then I was on my own.  Just below Giais I caught up with another guy on a Pinarello.  I was even more tired now and coasted home.  All this catching up with people is pointless of course, but I think it builds up muscles better than just riding at the same speed all the time.  And with 3 weeks of lethargy to overcome, I need to use every trick I can think of.

The gradient from Caneva to the castello, and along Via Pedemontane to home

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