Monday, August 23, 2010

Colline di Sequals

Headed down the gentle grade through Campagna to Arba, then across Fiume Meduna to Sequals.   Between Sequals and Solimbergo, there's a line of hills which stretches all the way to Torrente Cosa near Travesio.  Luckily they've built a curvy road through the forest over the ridge.  The morning light peeking through the leaves was very pretty.  At the top is a short tunnel, then down the other side.

The next part, from Solimbergo to Meduno, is open fields, almost flat but tilted upward a bit.  Meduno is on a hill, so you can see it far away.  My neighbor Silvano calls this type of road la strada che non finisce mai, because you keep pedaling and pedaling but you never seem to get closer to your destination.

I saw a guy riding way up ahead but he must have been going equal or faster than me.
Right before Meduno the road dips down to a stream crossing and as I was climbing back out, I passed the guy, who had got off his bike and was eating wild grapes from a thicket by the road.   I guess if I was starving and had a long way to go I might eat them, but I think these might be a little rough on your digestive tract if you're exerting yourself hard.  Maybe I'll try it one day.

After Meduno it's back across the Meduna, through Cavasso Nuovo and Fanna to Maniago.  It was market day so Maniago was very crowded.  Very nice in the summer months when the young ladies aren't all bundled up.  After Ponte Ravedis, I climbed out of the Cellina gorge and cruised down the hill home.  54 km, with several little short climbs- a nice ride.

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