Friday, May 18, 2018

Cuel di Forchia

Another favorite steep steep climb, but this one is over by the Tagliamento River.  After a long warm up through Pinzano and Peonis I turned toward Avasinis and headed steeply upward.  It’s a great climb for practicing breath control because if you don’t concentrate you will quickly run out of  oxygen and become a quivering gelatinous mass.

Toward the end you also get to simultaneously practice traction control on  some steep wet algae-covered concrete ramps, where your wheel spins 180 degrees, you’re standing motionless in the pedals, and you gently try to pedal forward while gasping for air.  At the top you coast down to the altopiano of Monte Prat then down to Forgaria.  The ride home wasn’t too bad despite my knackered legs.  Very happy to get home before the rain.

Val Tochel below Monte Cuar

Monte Ragogna con Fiume Tagliamento
from descent of Monte Prat

Good training

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