Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Cima della Cima

Cima della Cima is another in the series of death-climbs starting from il pedemontana and grappling up the Monte Cavallo massif.  

After warming up to Sarmede, I climbed to Rugolo, turned right on the closed road toward Villa di Villa and shortly after took a left at the sign toward Chiesetta di Castellir.   Very steep climbing with some brief saliscendi.  I made it to the second sign for the church and died.  Definitely need to get back in form, as I've climbed this several times before without stopping.  While I waited for "the light at the end of the tunnel" hallucination to fade, I started pushing my bike up a side road I hadn't noticed before.  Quite pretty but it dead ends after awhile.  I rolled back down and resumed the actual climb.  I conked out again maybe 200 meters from the church and started walking.  After resting I began the slightly-less steep ascent toward Col Alt, reaching 832 meters.  Rather than walk up to the war memorial I continued on the dirt road to the alpin wetland then down to Strada di Patriarchi.  Nice descent and ride home.  I'll try to get in better shape before the next of these torture tests, Via Guitcillo da Montanara.

Trees in bloom, Chiesetta di Castellir
in background

The path by this old house leads up
to Col Alt war memorial 

Alpin wetland with chorus of singing frogs

Further down Strada di Patriarchi another
alpin wetland 

Ungodly gradients 

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