Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Bibione Falo'

Beautiful May day for a ride down to the Adriatico at Bibione.  I’d read that they’d built ferry landings at Bibione and Lignano for cyclists to cross the Tagliamento River.  When I reached it a good sized crowd was waiting for the next boat.  I continued on the hard-packed dirt road until 
I reached the light house. From there a pista ciclabile atop the levy through the marshy zone behind the beachfront.  Top notch!

The long ride home went well all until San Martino where I nearly bonked.  Luckily a few km later it passed and I made it home feeling tired but lucid.  Will try this to Lignano next time.

Bicycle ferry landing from Bibione
 to Lignano across the Tagliamento

Bibione light house

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