Friday, April 20, 2018

Pala d'Altei MTB/Hike

Gorgeous day for a MTB ride and hike.  I rode to Grizzo then up the paved road to the telescope.  Here a good gravel road snakes up the hillside to Palais.  I parked the bike and headed up the shady trail toward Pala d’Altei and Montelonga.  I had hiked this years ago with our terrier Rocky.  It has some steep bits where you climb with both hands and feet.  I remember reaching down repeatedly to pick Rocky up and placing him on the next rockshelf.  Very tough little dog.

Today after reaching the panoramic lookout at 1250 meters I began following the trail blazes gradually downslope  until reaching a hollow still covered in snow.  I decided to turn back.  When Rocky was with me we lost sight of the blazes so we headed straight upslope.  It worked and we reached the ridgeline but were below the highest point.  I remember it was foggy so we followed the ridge down the other side until we reached trailblazes again.

Today I returned on the same path I’d climbed up, found my bike and coasted all the home.

Monte Fara

Monte Raut

Monte Resettum

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