Sunday, April 1, 2018

Ca' Poggio

 I started out today following the most direct, flattest route to Conegliano- SS 13.  Normally I avoid  this road like the plague but on Sunday there are no trucks and fewer cars so it’s not bad at all.
l followed my cue sheet navigating through Conegliano and soon was cruising on SP 635 below the prosecco hills.  I turned upward on Ca’ Poggio, a short steep ramp up to the crest.  From there through San Pietro del Filetto and down the gorgeous vine-covered switchbacks to 635 again.  I did try a shortcut, which miraculously did not get me lost.  The ride home also was blessed with some Pasqua divine intervention- a tailwind that kept me in the 28 to 30 kph speed range most of the way.  A perfect Easter ride.

Giro d'Italia U23 will include Ca' Poggio
this year

Prosecco hills panorama from San Pietro del Filetto

Same view panned to the right

Col Visentin from switchbacks below San Pietro

Monte Pizzoc from SP 635

Ca' Poggio climb

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