Thursday, April 26, 2018

Meduna di Livenza

I intended to ride to the laguna at Jesolo when I started, but after repeatedly getting lost (despite my meticulously prepared cue sheet) I decided to just have some fun.  After Villa Varda, Portobuffolo, Mansue, and Motta di Livenza I headed north-ish to Meduna di Livenza.  They’ve restored the iron bridge over the Livenza and use it for cycling and pedestrians only.  Continuing north I meandered through flat farmland until I saw a sign for Rivarotte, or broken levee, which I remembered from prior visits to the Meduna-Livenza confluence.  Back on familiar ground I bore down and pedaled hard all the way home.  An unintended route that turned out perfectly, on a cool clear Spring day.

Shady walk at Villa Varda

Fiume Livenza

Restored iron bridge at Meduna di Livenza

New suspension bridge for cars

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