Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Ronciade snowshoe

I was beat up pretty bad by all that climbing in deep powder the other day so I tried a little easier route today.   La Ronciade starts at Col Alto, so gets more traffic than the more remote paths (though deserted today).  It’s also less steep, which I needed after 3 days of limping.

The path generally stays on a winding forest road from Col Alto to the junction with trails from Pian delle More,  Montelonga, Forcella di Giais and Casera Caseratte.  Here I turned around and headed back, trying to learn from experience not to overreach.  Accessible desolation, warm winter sun, absolute silence are addictive- I’ll be back again soon.

Monte Cavallo Gruppo

The junction

East toward Montelonga

Afternoon shadows on the mountain

The pass leading to Casera Caserrate from the west

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