Saturday, December 16, 2017

Colle delle Lastre snowshoe

After a week of cold and rain the weather finally broke and the sun popped out.  I drove up to Castaldia again and was happy to find a foot of fresh untouched snow.  I followed the low route again until the left turn onto CAI 985, marked Casera Caseratte.  This climbs steeply through the spruce forest until opening onto rolling slopes below Col Spizzat.  Don't know if it's climbable in winter  but I'd like to  try.

Instead I traversed to the east following trail markers until reaching an apparent dirt road (under the snow).  I turned south and descended to Casera del Medico and then back to the car.  The Garmin had recorded only the first 9 seconds of the track.  Then when I cranked the Mini it was dead.  Luckily I'd parked on a slight down gradient so I let it slowly roll until it reached critical mass.  That was close.

Adriatic sun reflection 

Trail through snowy spruce
Spruce and beech trees above Casera Caseratte

Alpi Giuliani

A marked-up map of the route (clockwise) 

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