Friday, December 1, 2017

Casera Pian della Corona MTB

I decided to head up and check out the snow on the mountains behind our house.  I rode to Grizzo and then climbed past the Observatorio Astronomico where pavement ends.  Before long I came through patches where the sun doesn't melt the snow, which became gradually more frequent.  By the time I topped 1000 meters it was all snow.  This is the spot where the gravel road turns into an uphill trail, so I was ready to turn around anyway.  Descent was easier but cold, below zero Celsius.

The Adriatic Sea shimmering on the horizon

Eastward toward  Julian Alps 

Monte Fara and peaks above the Cellina River

Pala d'Altei from the south

Another angle

Snowy end of gravel road at 1000 meters

Trail junction  below Casera Rupeit

Lago di Ravedis

Ravedis snow peaks

The climb

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